Become a HUSLA

Unique Opportunity To Build Muscle, Feel Healthier And More Confident While Still Living A Fun, Social Lifestyle - (Perfect For Anyone Who Wants To Train Hard, Enjoy Life And Look Good)

In just 16 weeks, you’ll learn how to achieve your health and fitness goals without compromising social events - (regardless of your training experience)


You CAN Live A Healthy Lifestyle While Enjoying Social Events

It’s tough trying to juggle the commitments of life. You’re trying to be healthy, train hard, eat the right foods and get enough sleep, but then social events throw the routine off. The reality is, you DON’T need to give up your social needs to still train hard, build muscle and feel healthy. At HUSLA, this is our way of life for all our coaches. We’ll teach you how to integrate a work hard, play hard attitude while developing the habits needed to enjoy yourself.

Finally, Achieve Those Training Goals You’ve Always Dreamt Of

Everyone trains to feel good, look good, and work towards their goals. Sometimes we hit a plateau and it can be difficult to find the motivation to keep going. That’s where a coach comes in.
You’ll have a dedicated coach to push you during your peaks and someone to lean on during the lows. Together, you’ll create an outline of your training and nutrition goals that will form the basis of your unique program. Whether it be losing 5kg, adding 20kg to your squat, looking great for the beach, or feeling confident in your own skin, a HUSLA coach will keep you accountable and help you achieve whatever you desire.

How Partnering Up With A HUSLA Coach Can Change Your Life

Wherever you may be in your training journey, we understand taking the plunge with a new coach can be a little scary. So we wanted to let you know WHY we’re releasing this brand-new opportunity.
Many clients who we currently work with were once in your position too. They wanted to know how to get strong, feel more confident and be healthier, while still enjoying dinners and social events. By working with a HUSLA coach, you’ll learn to develop your mindset and build the right habits to become self-sufficient so you can operate as effectively as possible throughout your days.
So if you’ve been looking for an opportunity to progress your training while living a fun life, let’s have a chat and see if we can help you achieve your goals, inside and outside of the gym.


Apply Now To Join HUSLA By Booking In A FREE Discovery Call Where We’ll Show You How To Get Stronger, Feel Healthier And Build Confidence In Just 16 Weeks 

At this point, we hope you’ve got all the information you need to decide whether this opportunity is right for you. Whether you’re 100% ready to go or whether you’re almost there but you have some questions, it’s time to get in touch.

Once you fill in the form below, one of our coaches will get in contact with you to assess if you will be a good fit for this ‘Intro To HUSLA’ program. This call is 100% FREE and there are no obligations to work with us after this call either.

Of course, we would love to help you achieve your goals, so this opportunity is only going to work if you’re serious about making changes to your training, nutrition and lifestyle.

If you decide to join us, here is what you’ll receive by becoming a HUSLA:

✅ Your 1on1 private coach to help you achieve your goals inside and outside of the gym

✅ A 30-minute Zoom goal-setting assessment session which will form the basis of your personalised training and nutritional program

✅ At least 16 weeks' worth of custom training programs specific to your goals complete with an extensive exercise database

✅ An elite nutrition program to complement your lifestyle, complete with access to an entire food, macro and meal ideas database

✅ Weekly Loom check-ins with your coach and direct access to them via WhatsApp

✅ Weekly mentoring, progress accountability and technique analysis to ensure you stay on track

✅ Access to the private HUSLA Discord server where you’ll be supported by a community of like-minded individuals

✅ An entire host of training and nutrition information that we’ve developed over years of working and studying in the industry

✅ BONUS - For the first 20 people who join the Intro To HUSLA program, you’ll also receive 20% off coupons to spend online

The “HUSLA Progression” Guarantee

At HUSLA, progression is what we strive for with all our clients. That’s why we are confident enough to back ourselves with a ‘HUSLA Progression’ Money-Back Guarantee to remove any concerns you may have.

At the beginning of your 16-week journey, we’ll set some measurable goals and assess where you currently are. If by the end of your 16 weeks, you’re not closer to your goals, we’ll work for free until you do. Our HUSLA systems have worked for the hundreds of clients we’ve worked with, currently and previously, so we know our coaches can help you achieve your goals.

We’ll do our bit and you also need to play your part. In order for you to truly meet success, we need your effort and determination in progressing your goals.

So, all we ask is that you track all your training, nutrition and lifestyle metrics, fill in the weekly check-in questions, respond to your coach, and complete all of your training sessions while uploading videos so your coach can properly give you feedback and work with you to progress towards your goals.

If we are both doing everything we can, and you still don’t progress toward your goals, we’ll work for free until you do. It’s that simple.


PLEASE NOTE: Because we can only take on a certain number of clients per coach, this opportunity will max out once we reach our limit. What that means is you may miss your opportunity to work with us and we’ll be forced to pull down this offer. So, if you still have questions and want to discover if this is right for you, hit the button below and one of our coaches will get in touch to discuss the next steps.