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We specialise in Strength & Body Recomposition coaching.

Online Personal Training Platform
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Online Personal Training Platform

Online Coaching

Our proficient online system allows us to provide our clients with guidance and support regardless of location. Take your training to the next level with HUSLA online coaching.

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Husla Coaches Jason & Marcus

1 on 1 PT

  • Marcus La Greca Your Coach for Hybrid Strength/Powerlifting, Hypertrophy & Aerobic Performance

  • Jason Stoupas - HUSLA Founder & Your Coach for Powerlifting With A Heavy Focus On Hypertrohoy (Powerbuilding) 

  • Cam Brown - Your Powerlifting Coach 

  • Marcus Sawan - Your Coach for Hybrid Strength, Hypertrophy & Aerobic Performance
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Husla Coaches Jason & Marcus



As social media dominates brand building, the value of content creation continues to grow. Over the last 5-6 years, HUSLA has prioritised content creation, recognising its incredible impact. Soon, we will extend our resources and expertise, offering support to businesses or individuals looking to turn ideas into visual reality through content shooting sessions with our in-house videographer, Lochie Carey.

Husla Coaches Jason & Marcus

Our Team

In order from left to right in the image:

  • Lochie Carey - HUSLA Media (Videographer)
  • Marcus Sawan - Coach
  • Jason Stoupas Founder & Coach
  • Cam Brown - Coach
  • Marcus La Greca - Coach
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