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Feeling uneasy at your current gym?

Tired of the judgmental looks while you're working out?

Stuck at a plateau and in need of a supportive environment to break through?

Craving the guidance and encouragement to achieve your fitness goals?

Fed up with subpar bodybuilding equipment that just doesn't cut it?

Longing for top-notch powerlifting gear?

Frustrated that you can't film your workouts at your current gym?

Annoyed by the strict "shoes on" policy

Tired of your gym's lack of investment in upgrades and maintenance?

Unimpressed with clueless coaches?

Overwhelmed by the overcrowded gym that hinders your workouts?

 Look no further! At HUSLA Gym, we don't mess around.

 We provide IPF-approved Powerlifting equipment, including combos, Power bars, and a whopping 4.2 tonnes of competition plates. Plus, we've got GPC, APL, WRPF, and Kappo approved equipment like monos, deadlift bars, and 25kg squat bars.

We are heavy on bodybuilding equipment with Atlantis, Prime, Nautilus and many more brands which we believe are the cream of the crop. (Full Equipment List Below)

At HUSLA, we're all about building a supportive community. We enforce respect and ensure no one feels uncomfortable or disrespected in our space.

Our team boasts six dedicated coaches who are passionate about lifting, whether it's with HUSLA or Thrive Stronger.

Ready to capture your gains on film? We welcome filming at our gym, and you can leave your shoes off while you powerlift. Gym bags on the floor? Absolutely.

HUSLA Gym is the place to be if you want to join a fitness family and turbocharge your progress.

With a membership cap of 300, you'll never have to wait for equipment again.

We welcome individuals of all training levels with open arms, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Due to our capped membership, new members must inquire via the link below, and we'll reach out when we have openings.

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Posing Room

Our Coaches - HUSLA & Thrive Stronger

Food & Drink

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Equipment List (Powerlifting)

  • 4 Hansu IPF Approved Power Racks
  • 1 Goliath Combo Rack (1 Also Coming Soon)
  • 12 Rogue Power bars
  • 6 Deadlift platforms
  • 4.2 Tonnes IPF Approved Powerlifting Plates
  • 8 Weight Trees (within 1 meter of each side of all of our barbells)
  • 2 Texas Deadlift Bars
  • 2 Monolifts
  • 2 Goliath 25kg Squat Bars
  • Wrap rollers
  • 2 Bench-Only Stations Powerlifting specific
  • Plenty Of IPF Approved 2.5kg Collars
  • Kilo Plates For Small Jumps
  • Wooden Benches for between set rest/spectating

Equipment List (Bodybuilding)

  • Prime Chest SUppoorted Row (Plate Loaded)
  • Prime Converging Incline Chests Press (Plate Loaded)
  • Prime Converging Flat Chest Press (Plate Loaded)
  • Prime Rear Delt/Pec Fly (Pin Loaded)
  • Prime Seated Hamstring Curl (Pin Loaded)
  • Prime Leg Extension (Pin Loaded)
  • Atlantis Pendulum Squat Pro (Adjustable Foot Plate)
  • Atlantis Lying Hamstring Curl
  • Atlantis Back Extension With Cable & Weight Stack Attached
  • Atlantis High To Low Row
  • Atlantis 4 way Forearem trainer (COMING SOON)
  • Old School Atlantis Pullover (Pin Loaded)
  • Nautilus Nitro Plus Pulldown (Pin Loaded)
  • Nautilus Nitro Plus Compound Row (Pin Loaded) 
  • Nautilus Impact Shoulder Press (Pin Loaded)
  • Nautilus Nitro Plus Decline Fly (Pin Loaded)
  • Nautilus Nitro Plus Tricep Extension (Pin Loaded)
  • Nautilus Steel Adduction/Abduction (Pin Loaded)

Equipment List (Bodybuilding)

  • Machine Bicep Curl (Pin Loaded) COMING SOON (Brand undecided)
  • Nautilus One Ab Crunch (dynamic rib and pelvis feature)
  • Nautilus Nitro Plus Ab Rotary
  • AB Coaster (simple but effective ahah)
  • Life Fitness Multi-Hip (Pin Loaded)
  • Cybex Glute Kickback (Pin Loaded)
  • Shrug Machine (Plate Loaded)
  • Modified Hack Squat with adjustable Foot Plate (plate Loaded)
  • Precor Icarian Leg Press (Built-in heel elevation on the footplate, Plate Loaded)
  • Precor Lateral Raise (Pin Loaded)
  • Rogue Belt Squat (Plate Loaded)
  • 6 Heavy Duty FITEK Adjustable Benches
  • 0-60kg DBS 
  • Adjustable Decline Bench
  • Dip Station
  • Chin Up Station
  • Watson Seated Calf Raise + Tibialis Anterior Trainer
  • Over 2 Tonnes Of Plates (Machine Plates stored within 1m of each side of each machine


  • Posing Room
  • Saunas
  • Change Rooms
  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • Drinks
  • Pre Prepped Meals
  • Treadmills
  • Rowers
  • Air Bikes
  • 48 Spotlights For Ultra Un-Natty Downlighting Effect
  • Night Club Sound System
  • Dedicated Warmup Room
  • 2 Female Coaches
  • 4 Male Coaches
  • 1 Videographer / Photographer
  • 1 Myotherapist
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