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Turning Ideas Into Visual Reality


Have you ever needed someone who can:

  • Film Events
  • Create High Quality Reels, Shorts, TikToks
  • Create Longer Form Content For YouTube
  • Film Your Exercise Database
  • Create Vlogs
  • Create Cinematic. Content
  • Give You Direction To Help Turn Your Ideas Into Visual Reality
  • Take Action Photos or Product Photos

We have needed the above for years. We know the value of having someone like Lochie in your corner.

Great products/services can't solve problems for your customers if they never see what you have to offer them.

This is where HUSLA Media can help get you or your business to the next level.


  • Sony A7Siii
  • 24 - 70mm Lens, Suitable For A Wide Range Of Photo/Video Content
  • Steadycam
  • Rode Wireless Mics/Lapels
  • Adjustable ND Filter
  • All The Software Needed To Create Art
  • Lightbox
  • External Monitor
  • External Lighting




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The man behind the camera - Lochie Carey

Introducing Lochie, our skilled in-house content creator at HUSLA. Lochie oversees content for our brands, including HUSLA Coaching, HUSLA Gym, HUSLA Lifting, OPR and Thrive Stronger Coaching.

With a rich background in making videos, Lochie has worked with various businesses, creating visually stunning content for different audiences.

Apart from creating content, Lochie is also a model, giving him a unique perspective gained over several years. This experience on both sides of the camera gives Lochie a special edge in capturing compelling visuals. 

Beyond HUSLA, Lochie co-owns Trojan Events, hosting regular nights featuring big-name Psytrance and Techno DJs. This music involvement adds another layer to Lochie's creative portfolio.

With the infrastructure and resources now in place, we're thrilled to extend Lochie's expertise to other individuals and businesses, helping you turn your ideas into visual reality through captivating content. Lochie is not just a content creator; he's a storyteller, a visual artist, and a key player in elevating your brand narrative.

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