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Become the best version of yourself with our all-in-one fitness app.
Utilising years of crazy results and feedback from our client’s - we’ve packaged up our best programs and educational content into this easy to use app - the perfect alternative to a coach.

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What this can do for you?

We’ve coached hundreds of people just like you, and helped them smash their goals…

During this time, with years of feedback and crazy results from our clients...

We’ve fine tuned our training programs and packaged them all into an easy to follow app.

The App comes with any program you could ever need so you can become the best version of yourself.

Whether you want to put on muscle, increase strength, grow your glutes, chest, arms, legs, the list goes on and on…

We’ve got you covered.

It’s cheap as chips, a perfect affordable alternative to a full time coach.

Everything’s easily accessible straight on your phone, whenever and wherever you like.

It’s also jam packed with educational resources, including video tutorials of each exercise, RPE and progressive overload education and more.

So you can learn as much as possible about any aspect about training that you like.

We have also merged the entire HUSLA community into 1 discord server which will be accessible for all app users.

This app is over a year in the making and we are so proud to finally release it.

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Ongoing programs available:

  • Mens Hypertrophy Focused (New Program Every 6 Weeks)

  • Female Glute Hypertrophy Focused (New Program Every 6 Weeks)

  • Powerlifting Focused (New Program Every 6 Weeks)

Specialisation programs:

  • Off-season Hypertrophy Guide For Powerlifters

  • Powerlifting Peak + Taper

  • Chest Focused

  • Arm Focused

  • Upper Body Focused

  • Back Focused

  • Delt Focused

  • Lower Body Focused

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$588 p.a. 

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